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Middle Atlantic - стойки и шкафы для монтажа любого аудио- и видео-оборудования. Все модели Middle Atlantic разработаны с целью упрощения процесса монтажа и учитывают множество специфических требований к установке и подключению аудио-видео аппаратуры: необходимость охлаждения встраиваемого оборудования, большое количество кабелей, которые должны быть спрятаны внутри стойки, и прочее. Особое внимание разработчики модельного ряда Middle Atlantic уделили инсталляциям, осуществляемым в ограниченном пространстве. Помимо стандартных монтажных стоек и шкафов, Middle Atlantic изготавливает полки для оборудования нестандартных размеров (более 9500 компонентов в базе данных), а также встраиваемые в мебель или стеновые ниши крепления для ЖК-мониторов. Прочая продукция Middle Atlantic: компоненты для кабельного монтажа (лотки, держатели и пр.); вентиляционное оборудование для охлаждения установленных электронных компонентов; а также различные аксессуары (ящики для хранения, декоративные накладки  для крепежных элементов и пр.).

Телекоммуникационные шкафы и стойки

Specify an ASR for installing non-rackmount audio and video equipment in less visible locations in custom cabinetry and behind closed doors. Ideal for smaller systems or when an open shelf system is desired and the ability to customize shelf fronts is not required. Slide out and rotating functionality provides enhanced access to rear equipment connections.
Specify an ASR-HD when installing non-rackmount audio and video equipment in custom cabinetry, entertainment centers and in walls, when an open shelf system is desired. Slide out and rotating functionality provides enhanced access to rear equipment connections.
The AX-SXR Series pulls out from an in-wall installation and is similar to an AXS Series, but unlike the AXS, it also turns once pulled out to provide greater access to equipment in more cramped areas. Specify an AX-SXR when installing audio and video equipment flush into a wall or cabinet; ideal for larger systems.
Specify an AXS when installing audio and video equipment flush into a wall or cabinet; ideal for larger systems. The patented pull-out design provides access to rear equipment connections. Entire bays of equipment can be rolled out for service and installation flexibility.
Roll entire bays of equipment straight out for service and installation flexibility. A factory-assembled system in an MRK, WRK-SA or ERK enclosure, this patented design is ideal for access to rear equipment connections. Select an AXS when space-limited environments require equipment bays to be placed up against a wall or back to back and a straight pullout is preferred.
Choose BGR, the #1 AV enclosure on the market, because it offers a higher weight capacity, provides more usable rackspace, and incorporates more functionality than any other rack system on the market. 
The #1 AV rack because it is both Forward and Lever Lock™ compatible providing maximum mounting capacity on and off the rail and a suite of tool-free accessories making installation 5Xs faster; Standalone models also available.
The BGR-MDK Series combines furniture elegance with a robust rolling steel enclosure. Featuring an attractive thermolaminate top which can accommodate video monitors, the BGR-MDK Series comes complete with a skirted wheelbase, leveling feet, curved plexi front door, cable entry rear door and front and rear rackrail.
CFR series low profile design maximizes usable rackspace in entertainment systems, cabinets and similar spaces. Strong, welded steel frame construction allows for pre-loading equipment and transportation to the installation site.
Specifically designed for structured cabling, the CWR is a versatile system for mounting multiple patch panels and other voice/data equipment where floor and wall space are at a premium.
Wall mount lockboxes secure digital recording equipment and are optimized to handle the thermal management requirement of the DVRs or NVRs being mounted within. 
Quickly and inexpensively organize desktop processing and test equipment with our DR Series desktop rail racks. Offered in 8 and 12 space sizes, both models extend upward at a gentle slope. Overall width is 19-1/8”, depth is 11-1/2”.
Purpose-built to support high-density cable management, the DRK series rack enclosures has a 30” wide footprint for abundant internal cable space and can accommodate 19” panel width equipment. Specify a DRK for use in network patching and other cable-heavy applications, and where seismic certification and open or removable sides are required or preferred.
The compact DTRK Series provides a rackmounting solution for desktop installations and is also great for under-desk applications. Available options include vented and plexi front doors, and a brush grommet rear access panel for simple and clean cable entry routing.
Specify a DWR wall cabinet to provide easy rear access while keeping floor areas clear. This pivoting, sectional wall cabinet is ideal for systems in both secured and non-secured areas. Most versatile wall rack available!
An economical standalone rack with solid sides, the ERK series can also be ganged to create partitioned multi-bay installations for thermal management control, future growth or other purposes. Seismic certified to protect your components.
The ERK-KD Series is an economical, ready-to-assemble enclosure that ships flat for simplified transport and storage.
The Essex Multi Mount Rack is a fully-welded equipment mounting solution offering exceptional versatility at an affordable price. MMR Series racks feature the flexibility to be installed desktop, floor-standing or wall mounted in one of three distinct ways.
The Essex Quick Assembly Rack is an affordable, easy to build knock down rack. It features an innovative patent-pending snap-together design making it integration-ready in 5 minutes or less. The QAR Series provides the perfect foundation for entry level AV systems and can be outfitted with power and accessory options to suit the application.
The Essex RCS Series Residential Configured Rack System offers exceptional quality and value at cost-effective prices for residential installers. It is completely assembled at the factory and ships with pre-installed accessories to save contractors time in the field while eliminating packaging waste.
An economical solution for smaller systems, this pivoting, sectional wall cabinet provides unparalleled quality at an aggressive price and is ideal for use in both secured and unsecured areas.
The GRK Series is a versatile welded gangable rack with superior construction. Choose a GRK when a narrow multi-bay rack optimized for high density video cable bundles is required and a choice of either a horizontal or vertical lacing is desired.
The HDR Series is a horizontal distribution cabinet featuring a low-profile design and has been engineered to mount patch panels, hubs, routers, switches within two mounting bays.
Our Hinged Panel Mounts provide simple and straightforward wall mounting of components and can also be rackmounted to any 19” open frame rack. Hinges open to provide rear access to mounted components. Rugged steel construction; rack screws and hook and loop fasteners are included.
Designed to accommodate half rack equipment from a variety of manufacturers, the HRF Series half rack systems feature a low profile design and compact dimensions. An offset cable tie area keeps their overall width to a slim 10-5/8”, maximizing the amount of usable rackspace in confined areas.
Choose the IDF when rackmounting hubs, routers and other equipment overhead in warehouses, retail outlets or any larger, open location. Mounts to building truss or Unistrut® beams using 1/2” threaded rod, or directly to Unistrut beams. Includes safety lanyard. A great solution for distributed systems.
ISRK Series sloped rack features scuff resistant Glide-Away™ front door. For use in all applications where an under-desk or mobile presentation rack is required, including control desk, mixing, testing, and recording desks.
Versatile equipment rack in Maple laminate finish that offers a variety of options for superior equipment mounting, mobility and aesthetics.
Engineered and rigorously tested to provide years of trouble-free service, these racks feature premium bolt-through casters and rigid construction for reliability. This cost-effective furniture rack includes advanced features for reliability. Ships fully assembled.
The MK Series Cable Management Racks incorporate captive fasteners for quick assembly times, eliminating loose bolts. Ideal for applications with massive cable bundles. Includes 100 rack screws as well as hook and loop fasteners for cable management.
Specify MRK series when you need an enclosure built to perform like a workhorse. Its rugged, space-saving design and high seismic load rating make it a favorite of installing contractors, particularly on larger-scale multi-bay jobs. The MRK series also offers seismic certification and open or removable sides.
Versatile equipment rack in Oak laminate finish that offers a variety of options for superior equipment mounting, mobility and aesthetics.
The OSR Series Sloped Oak laminate rolling equipment rack features a gently sloped 5° rack face to facilitate the view of mounted equipment.
Pivoting Panel Mount enclosures provide fast, easy rear access to patch panels and network equipment to. Innovative design has a 90° positive stop to facilitate punching down while fully open. Rugged steel construction; rack screws and hook-and-loop fasteners are included.
Specify a PTRK series rack when rugged portability is essential. Smooth rolling 4” casters, advanced cable management and secure doors make this rack ideal for serving a variety of applications.
The R2-44S Seismic 2-post open frame rack incorporates a heavy duty 3/8” thick steel base that adds structural integrity to the steel frame. Top pattern holes accept a variety of cable ladders with no additional adapter required. Ships assembled and ready to install. 10-32 threaded front and rear, with numbered rackspace increments. Includes 50 rack screws.
Mount networking, telephone, VOIP equipment, routers, switches and more with the R4 Series Four Post Open Frame Rack. These racks are designed to accommodate deeper, heavier components than a two post frame rack. Two styles are available, one with 12-24 threaded rackrail, and one with cage nut rackrail.
Access cables and equipment connections with the Low Profile Rotating Slide Out Base. The low profile design is unobtrusive and elegant in its simplicity while the sturdy construction supports the installation of DVD players, cable or satellite boxes, receivers and other equipment commonly found in entertainment centers and lecterns.
The RFR Reference Series combines our most elegant design and highest reliability. Engineered for professional integration, its wide body design and robust construction including bolt-through casters and internal steel bracing will stand up to years of use. Optimized for passive cooling, the RFR Series also accepts an energy-saving thermostatic cooling blower kit. Ships fully assembled.  
Versatile equipment rack in Black wood grain laminate finish that offers a variety of options for superior equipment mounting, mobility and aesthetics.
RL Series 19” 2-post open frame racks incorporate a self-squaring, self-leveling design for easy assembly. Top rails accommodate standard cable ladders. Strong steel construction. Choose from 10-32 and 12-24 threaded models.
The industry standard RLA Series two post open frame rack incorporates a 15” deep heavy-duty aluminum base and includes holes so that the rack can be secured to the floor. 12-24 threaded front and rear, with numbered rackspace increments. Includes 50 rack screws.
Specify an SBX when seeking an economical solution for wall mounting smaller systems.
Our Swing Frame Rack has an innovative open-back wall mount design ideal for mounting over existing equipment and physical obstacles (conduit, telephone equipment, etc.). Use for mounting patch panels, hubs and switches in a secure room or closet. Rugged steel construction with 100lb weight capacity – the greatest strength in its class.
The 2-10 rack ships fully assembled and incorporates a sturdy black steel open frame and removable black laminate side panels. Featuring a sloping rack face for easy equipment viewing, this frame can be easily joined, with the open sides and bottom allowing for quick wire passage. Front and rear heavy-gauge, 10-32 threaded rackrail is standard.
Slim 2M racks assemble quickly and easily with provided hardware. Constructed with 5/8” thick furniture-grade MDF board, these black laminate racks are available in 6 or 10 space sizes and feature a sloping rack face for easy equipment viewing. Front and rear heavy-gauge, 10-32 threaded rackrail is standard.
Our popular Slim 5 Series rack frame system meets a wide range of project requirements. Available in 12 standard sizes and any height from 8 to 43 spaces, the Slim 5 series ships ready-to-assemble. Strong steel construction with wide open access for easy integration.
The SNE Series is the most advanced security rack enclosure available. This purpose-built series was designed to meet the specific requirements of IP, analog and hybrid security systems. Four available configurations fit your system type, wiring needs, cooling requirements and rack location.
Mount hubs and other network components flat against the wall with this innovative all-steel sideways panel mount. Versa-Racks can also be used to mount components under tables and desks for commercial and classroom use. Each model features a single pair of high quality heavy-gauge, 10-32 threaded rackrail that can be positioned in 3 locations to accommodate D-Ring cable managers. The low-profile sideways panel mount is equipped with cable lacing points at the rear and includes a steel cover to protect and conceal equipment. Rack screws included.
The SR Series Wall Mount Racks address the increased need for space-saving solutions are not only ideal for smaller installations or to house system distribution points, but can be deployed in many more spaces within a facility. The innovative design allows the rack to pivot open 90° on a floor base to provide quick and convenient access to rear equipment connections without needing to leave an aisle behind the solution.
The SRK Series Sloped black rolling equipment rack was designed with 16 vertical spaces on the bottom and 12 spaces on its 25° sloped top.
Specify an SRS for rear access to equipment connections in millwork and cabinets. System extends a full 19” but does not rotate. Good for smaller millwork and in-wall installations.
Specify an SRSR for easy rear access to equipment connections in millwork, cabinets and flush in-wall installations. Available with a 19” or 23” useable depth, the SRSR system extends and rotates 90º in either direction, making it ideal for smaller systems.
SWR Series shallow sectional wall racks are ideal for wall mounting interconnect panels in stage and performing arts, house of worship, and broadcast applications.
Tilt Out Rack is ideal for small sound systems, paging and patching applications in schools, hotels, offices or anywhere a secure, low-profile wall mount solution is required. Available in surface-mount and flush-mount styles.
The UTB Series Universal TechBox™ is a low-profile, unique solution for discreetly mounting equipment within meeting spaces.  Providing secure rackmount capability right where you need it, the UTB Series is ideal for storing all-in-one presentation and control solutions underneath a table surface in small to mid-sized huddle spaces, conference rooms and other collaboration environments.  The simple, easy-to-install design offers the flexibility to expand from 1 to 2 rackspaces while also providing small device mounting.
This taller version of our broadcast standard 22” wide rack has extra height for taller spaces – delivering a full 54 rackspaces in the same floor space as a standard rack. Specify a VMRK to maximize capacity, and where seismic certification and open or removable sides are required or preferred.
Choose this versatile rack for applications where a protective enclosure is not required. The VPM series accommodates all depths of equipment, and can be used either as a horizontal mount under a desk or table, or vertically as a wall mount.
We designed the broadcast standard 22” wide VRK specifically for mounting video and AV equipment. Built-in horizontal lacing bars enable quick tie-and-slide lacing of video cable bundles. Choose a VRK for a strong, narrow enclosure with seismic certification and open or removable sides.
Introducing the equipment mounting platform that will change the way you design your systems. The VWM Series is the industry’s highest capacity and most versatile low profile wall cabinet, with comprehensive flexibility to fit system needs today and as technology changes. This patent-pending design features multiple planes of vertical mounting, it allows deeper equipment to be mounted parallel to the wall and is the first low profile cabinet to offer intuitive mounting for small devices.
Mount virtually any data or telecommunications component on this self-squaring Wall Mount rack. Self-aligning design makes this open frame rack quick and easy to assemble. Ideal for wall mounting fiber-optic equipment, its fixed design prevents kinking or breaking of glass fibers. Rugged steel construction; includes rack screws.
The WMRK series was designed specifically for mounting deep equipment in a raised-floor standard 24” wide enclosure. Choose a WMRK when mounting deep servers or similar equipment is required, and for easy installations in raised-floor environments. Pre-configured models are also available.
The WR Series was designed to provide rear access for equipment even when the equipment bays are placed up against a wall or back to back. Factory-assembled in its own host enclosure, the rack frame pulls out and rotates for service access. Specify a WR Series enclosure when easy access to rear equipment connections is required for larger audio, video and security equipment installations but an access aisle is not practical.
The WRK series was designed with a wider footprint for mounting equipment with thicker cable bundles that would be difficult to fit in a basic rack. It’s ideal for multi-bay installations, or to insure more cooling airflow. The WRK series also offers seismic certification and open or removable sides.
For the refined look of furniture and the strength of a sturdy rolling steel enclosure in a deep video rack, choose the WRK-24MDK studio enclosure system. An attractive graphite-marbled laminate top accommodates video monitors. The WRK-24MDK comes with a skirted wheel-base, latching plexi front door, latching vented rear door, and front and rear rackrail.
A rack series with a wider footprint, the WRK-SA series is designed for mounting equipment with thicker cable bundles than would fit easily in a basic rack, or to increase cooling airflow. Stand-alone installations version features fixed solid sides and seismic certification.
WRS and WRP Series Low Profile Wall Mount Cabinets are ideal for vertically mounting equipment on a wall surface in a protective enclosure.  Unique design allows mounting of deeper equipment in a vertical “knobs-up” orientation. 

Крепления экранов

The FlexView™ Series is a collection of display stands and carts that are easy-to-integrate, cost-effective solutions for collaborative settings and signage applications.  Featuring a slim profile and contemporary design aesthetic, FlexView Carts and Stands support displays from 40”-90” with a weight capacity of up to 190lbs and offer the hallmark Middle Atlantic strength and durability, while being certified for safety.
Building off of its already successful FlexView Series line with unmatched device mounting and power distribution incorporated into the slim, sleek design, Middle Atlantic expanded the offering to support interactive flat panels and larger displays ranging from 60”-102”.
The VTC Series Video Carts are the industry’s most versatile mobile monitor cart system for videoconferencing and presentation applications. These carts have the capacity to mount side-by-side 70” flat screen panels while maintaining the ability to be wheeled to multiple locations.

Техническая фурнитура

The C5 Series Credenza offering addresses the latest trends in commercial interior design. Conceived by the manufacturer who helped build industry standards for technology integration and system design, the credenza system built around the rack you trust is now available in several sizes and styles. Perfect for conference rooms, huddle spaces & classrooms the C5 is available in pre-configured our design your own with the configurator. Depths range from the shallow 22”, the standard 27" or the deep 31” each available in 1, 2, or 3 bays.
Every C5 Series Credenza starts with a rack frame. This approach helps ensure system reliability by offering the best support and protection for system components possible. This includes a high static pressure blower that pulls hot air from the finished credenza and pushes it out the front vent, keeping components cool. When deciding what size credenza frame to choose, consider the number of components and their sizes as well as whether or not an international version will be necessary with its alternate 220V power supply.
The C5 Series Credenza offering addresses the latest trends in commercial interior design. Perfect for conference rooms, huddle spaces & classrooms, the credenza frame is stocked and ready to ship for immediate integration while the finishing kit is manufactured just as you specified it. Design the credenza with the details to make it truly unique or choose from one of our pre-configured models that range in depths from a slim 22” to a deep 31” and one to three bays.    *NOTE: All depths are available in pre-configured models.
Browse seating options to fit your needs. Middle Atlantic offers the pinnacle of ergonomic support and comfort to basic task seating options. Each solution is backed by warranty.
Hub is a technology-ready, all-in-one furniture solution for collaboration spaces that is designed to maximize equipment and cable storage.  Simple to order with a wide range of finishes, Hub is designed for easy integration and is ideal for smaller collaboration spaces in corporate and active learning classrooms.
The L5 Series Lectern accentuates the latest trends in room aesthetics with stylish designs and finishing options, but is built around the rack you trust. The offering boasts optional drawers for storage and/or housing a document camera with desired side placement flexibility or choice of a flip up shelf for extra surface space. The lectern frame is stocked and ready to ship for immediate integration while the finishing kit is manufactured just as you specified it.
For a more simplified solution that includes the same great features of the L5 Series Lectern, select our easy-to-order, pre-configured models. When deciding what pre-configured lectern to choose, consider the number of components and their sizes as well as the color and finishing kit that will best suit the space.
The LCD Series & Command Desks are modular solutions for small surveillance applications to large-scale network based command and control environments. Each is ergonomically designed with the user in mind. • Modular design accommodates small to large installation footprints • Add-A-Bay™ option for future-proofing • Assembles in minutes Customize your solution with accessories from lighting, drawers, additional monitor supports and more!
Monitor Mounts for select furniture products. In addition to an MMB mount for confidence monitors that can be used on L5 Series Lecterns and RFR and MFR Series furniture racks, the MM3 Series features a variety of options for mounting displays with Middle Atlantic consoles and desk systems including ViewPoint, Edit Center, LD and MDV Series offerings.
The L2 Series Lectern is the only budget-friendly lectern that comes complete with a rack, power, thermal and cable management and connectivity, delivering the Middle Atlantic hallmark of support and security for AV systems. The contemporary, Sota style design paired with durable melamine material delivers an aesthetically-pleasing option optimized for mobility.
Joining the Middle Atlantic L2 and L5 Series for a full suite of lecterns to adorn the campus is the L7 Series Lectern—the most elegant solution in height adjustability. Transforming today’s learning spaces in its ability to unite the needs of AV system integrators and educators, this lectern flaunts dramatic curves to highlight a generous workspace that is reminiscent of a desk while delivering the configurable equipment storage, power and connectivity expected from Middle Atlantic.
The NEW 10” deep, ADA Compliant C3 Credenza series. Building on the success of the C5, The C3 Series displays modern contrasted finishes, versatile storage options and at 10” deep a minimal footprint, perfect underneath displays, in high traffic areas, hallways, and meeting spaces. Middle Atlantic's unmatched Frame to Furniture design process allows for maximum uptime and reliability that gets your AV gear installed and ready to use quickly.
T5 Series Conference Tables are the industry’s only conference table designed to properly support AV technology for ultimate system reliability.  Featuring attractive styles and finishes reflective of commercial interior design trends, the T5 Series offers discreet storage and care for AV gear within a beautiful furniture solution. Engineered with unmatched innovation and mounting flexibility, this pre-configured all-in-one furniture system includes power distribution, table boxes with connectivity and cable management.       
Serious furniture for mission critical installations, the ViewPoint™ Console line is specifically designed for reliability, flexibility & ergonomics.


Optimize any installation with the industry-leading power capacity of the fixed voltage, DC Power Distribution line.
Eliminate wall warts and other power clutter in your AV, networking or security installations with DC Power Distribution, the perfect power solution for build areas with a multitude of devices in varying voltages. With ultimate flexibility built in, these DC Power Distribution solutions provide support and availability for multiple industry standard voltages as well as mounting options allowing the units to be placed within a typical rack unit, small enclosure or wall box.
The Forward UPS base for the BGR enclosure takes an innovative spin on UPS integration by completely eliminating the rack mounting step.
Design and build an ETL-Listed custom power solution by mixing and matching components ideal for the system’s individual power requirements. Featuring the broadest selection of circuit and control options interconnected via a proprietary pre-terminated system.
When failure is not an option, the Premium Online Series UPS Backup Power Systems provide the cleanest power for mission critical, sensitive, and high-end systems.  A completely isolated pure sine wave output provides perfect power free from noise and distortion for optimal system performance while the double conversion topology guarantees maximum system uptime. Front accessible batteries and remote IP management simplify maintenance and put you in control.  The Premium Online Series UPS Backup Power Systems have a wide range of capacities, safeguarding any application.   
RackLink is designed to ensure system reliability and uptime through the use of intuitive setup and operation, pre-emptive problem notification and automatic problem resolution.  • IP enabled controls accessible locally, over the web & through mobile devices (via apps) • Half-rack sizes available 
Premium Series UPS Backup Systems are the ideal solution for protecting high end and sensitive electronics. Guaranteed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty, Premium Series UPS models feature energy saver circuitry for silent operation that reduces power consumption up to 75%.
The Premium+ PDU with RackLink™ provides enhanced control/logging at the individual outlet level, real-time system environmental monitoring, and robust network security to remotely manage your AV systems.
Select Series PDU with RackLink™ simplifies installation and reduces the cost of service by providing intelligent power optimized for AV systems.  Available in versatile vertical, compact and traditional rackmount form factors, Select Series PDU with RackLink extends control from traditional enclosures to hard to reach displays - and everything in between.  All form factors are enabled with RackLink technology, creating a simple and cost effective solution that puts intelligent control of power distribution at your fingertips, anywhere in the world. 
Select Series UPS Backup Systems are a competitively priced option for ensuring uptime of electronic components in the event of a power outage.  Select Series UPS models are available in compact form factors when space is at a premium, and in a wide range of capacities to support a wide range of installations.  All models are available with web-enabled IP control.
Simplify the system’s power cord management by replacing excess bundles with SignalSAFE™ IEC power cords.  Purpose-length power cords free up space to give the rack better organization and less-impeded airflow. SignalSAFE power cords feature tightly twisted conductors to reduce the effects of AC magnetic fields, allowing closer integration of power and signal cables. 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 36” & 48” lengths Sold in packs of 4, 20 and 100 Straight and angled plugs

Продукты Wiremold®

deQuorum™ Flip-Up Table Boxes provide flexibility in décor, communication connectivity options, and installation to meet specific functional and aesthetic needs. Flip-Up Table Boxes bring the modules above the work surface when in use for easy access. Available in a black powder coat or brushed stainless steel finish.
Add power and charging wherever it’s needed. Desktop Power Centers by Wiremold offer sleek and easy-to-install solutions that mount directly on surfaces and minimize cord clutter. They are an ideal surface power solution for tabletops, desks and consoles, and workstations such as credenzas and lecterns.
InteGreat™ A/V table boxes are an elegant solution for extending power and A/V connections to the point-of use in conference rooms, huddle spaces and other collaboration environments. Featuring attractive finishes that can match any room décor, InteGreat™ table boxes provide the depth to mount devices below the table top. Combine it with other InteGreat™ products, such as Retractors, Under Table Cable Management and Transition Channel for a comprehensive solution to managing cables and delivering a reliable and superior user experience in meeting spaces.
InteGreat™ Cable Retractors attach easily to InteGreat™ A/V Table Boxes, or can be mounted directly to the underside of conference room tables. InteGreat™ Cable Retractors have 5' [1.52m] of retractable cable that allows users to have easy access to A/V and communication services. With a simple pull, the cable locks into place or retracts back into the table box, keeping the conference room table neat and organized.
Wiremold OFR Series Overfloor Raceway System provides four-channels of capacity and access to a wide range of power, communications, and A/V connectivity options in the smallest, lowest, narrowest, ADA compliant profile available in overfloor raceway systems. This system installs over existing floor coverings and is both tamper-resistant and installer-friendly, making it an ideal solution for relocatable or permanent installations where access through floors and ceilings is not an option.
Turn any table, night stand or desk into a smart wireless charger with the furniture-ready Wireless Charging Puck. After an easy DIY installation, it sits flush against the surface for a truly seamless solution. Provide speedy Qi certified wireless charging for users looking to recharge their smartphones and tablets nearly anywhere that furniture can go.


Perforated steel lacer strip mounts vertically to rackrail brackets and provides many locations to secure vertical cabling. Compact 1” width for saving space Includes threaded holes for mounting cable tie saddles Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in packs of 6 pieces
Perforated steel lacer strip mounts vertically to rackrail brackets and provides many locations to secure vertical cabling. Compact 1” width for saving space Includes pre-mounted cable tie saddles Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in packs of 6 pieces
These vented 4-point mounting shelves were designed specifically for heavy equipment and adjust to allow 4-point mounting in many available rack depths. Partially vented bottoms to allow some cooling airflow Weight capacity up to 300 lbs., depending on model Steel construction with durable powder coat finish
The brush grommet panel provides a clean, organized cable entry method when mounted above any work surface. Also fits in opening on all MW Series top options. Built-in cable management tray Available in one and two space versions Steel construction with black powder coat finish
Steel cable chases are designed for use between ganged racks, but can also be used at the end of a row of racks because they accept SPN Series side panels. See specific models for compatibility; fit most full-size gangable racks. Compatible with many 40 and 44 space gangable rack models  4” width provides ample space for cable routing Steel construction with black powder coat finish
Chassis support brackets are a simple way to support heavy equipment within the rack and facilitates ventilation of high heat-generating equipment. NOTE: Designed for mounting to Z-Rail or to a Z-Rail adapter - not compatible with standard L-shaped rackrail without hardware or rackrail adjustments. Compatible with MRK, VRK, and VMRK when used with Z-rail or Z-rail adapter Holds equipment without attaching the rack screws – ideal for fast swap outs
Fits select 45 space open frame racks, including RL, MK, R2, RLA and R4 Series.  Includes convenient cable lacing points  Optional covers enhance appearance and block dust Rugged steel construction with black powder coat finish
These displays monitor internal enclosure temperature, provide an LED readout and fit into the Decora®  style opening at the top of Middle Atlantic racks.  Includes temperature sensor with 5’ cord to monitor desired location Mounts in any Decora® style opening Bright three digit, green LED display Adjustable overtemp setting with local and remote notification
Adds cable duct when rear cable management in a DRK installation is required. One or two ducts can be added in rear of rack Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in single pieces
These award-winning premium cooling panels are quiet and effective. Ideal for cooling smaller systems in visible locations such as living spaces and AV studios. A unique feature of the system provides notification in the event of fan failure via a local display or remote signal to an external alarm device. Designer versions also feature dimmable displays and have a black brushed and anodized finish.
Middle Atlantic offers a range of high quality fans and fan kits to let installers implement their selected thermal management strategy. Fan kits include fans, guards, and necessary vent blockers, and are designed for specific racks or usage locations such as for rear doors as noted. Some kit models also include intelligent thermostatic controls to save energy and minimize unnecessary noise. 
We care about our environment, so we are pleased to offer several robust and proven thermostatic controllers that save energy and unnecessary noise. These controllers extend both equipment and fan life and reduce service calls by varying the fan speed of up to four fans based on temperature. Control up to four fans, depending on model Designed for Middle Atlantic AC fans, or fans with similar specifications
The three space filter is housed in 18-gauge perforated steel. Mounts in enclosures for use as a filtered vent panel. Filter is 1” thick and washable
The FWS fixed single bay writing/computer keyboard shelf bolts quickly to any 19” rack to create a convenient work surface. Occupies 2 rackspaces below and comes complete with special rail-mounting hardware. Bolts easily to any 19” rack Black laminate top work surfaces
Drop in your cables and your cable management. Take charge of your cable management with our Forward 3” Wire Grid Lace Cable Management. Installs in seconds by simply dropping into the slots located front to back on the BGR Lever Lock™ rackrail brackets. The wire grid pattern allows for vertical and horizontal cable routing on a single lace bar. 
Limitless cable routing. The new Forward cable management products give you the flexibility you need to get your cables from Point A to Point B with C Rings, D Rings and Tie saddles. Install on Forward Rack Rail, Lever Lock™ and anywhere the patented universal hole pattern is found.
AV integration – Because Two hands are better than one. You no longer need to choose between servicing a black rack in a dark room or working one handed as you juggle a flashlight. Simply add Forward Utility Lighting.
Hardware free is the way to be. Stop fussing around with rack screws when installing your horizontal lacer bars on your BGR racks.  With our Forward family of horizontal lacer bars just click them into the patent-pending Forward Rackrail and start managing some cables.
Take charge of your cable management with our Forward UMV Cable Management. Installs in seconds by simply dropping into the slots located front to back on the BGR Lever Lock™ rackrail brackets. It’s punched with the patented Universal Hole Pattern for speedy cable lacing with our Forward C-Rings and Tie Saddles.  
These fan panel assemblies provide quiet cooling for demanding environments.  Occupies 3 rackspaces Accepts all standard 4-1/2” fans Choice of black powder coat or black brushed and anodized finish
Organize patch cords and maintain a required bend radius. Available in a wide variety of styles to suit most applications. For optimal performance, do not exceed a 50% fill rate when passing cables through cable rings.  Choice of styles including “D-ring” and “micro-clip”  Choice of one and two space sizes Steel construction with black powder coat finish
Handy horizontal cable tray mounts on any 19” rack or cabinet and neatly routes cable bundles from side to side. Turn-downs on sides help maintain the required cable bend radius Steel construction with black powder coat finish
This full extension lockout shelf system was designed to hold VTRs in Broadcast applications, but can hold any similar equipment where access for maintenance or use is desired. Mounting ears are pre-installed for quick installation Adjustable 4-point mounting provides flexibility Optional front cover panel 75 lb. load capacity at full extension Steel construction with durable powder coat finish
Conceal patch cables while providing cable strain relief with the hinged horizontal cable managers. Ample cable pass-throughs provided for dressing cables above, below, to the sides and behind the cable manager.  Hinged front panel has a magnetic closure Helps maintain the required bend radius Steel construction with black powder coat finish
Middle Atlantic Products standard solid rear doors on WRK, MRK, and ERK Series enclosures are configurable to support the desired cooling strategy. Products in this section are designed to fit in these doors after the laser knockouts are removed. Fan, vent, and filter kits available for solid rear doors with knockouts Fan and vent kits are now available for solid split rear doors with knockouts
Telescoping lacer bars are adjustable to meet the specific mounting requirements of various enclosures.  Unique design accepts mounting of Middle Atlantic Products vertical power strips and vertical lacer strips. Choice of adjustable models for side-to-side and front-to-back support LBFR-5A lacer bars have similar function but are fixed length  Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in packs of 2
Horizontal lacer bars provide cabling support in the region of the mounted equipment itself, carrying cables horizontally from the sides of the rack to the connection points.  Choice of round, rectangular, and “L” shaped profiles Choice of straight and offset styles Steel construction with black powder coat finish (except rectangular lacing bars of aluminum construction)  Sold in packs of 10 pieces
Perforated steel lacer strip mounts vertically to rackrail brackets and provides many locations to secure vertical cabling. 3-1/2” width for high capacity Includes raised cable tie points Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in packs of 6 pieces
Racks and furniture don’t always have the luxury of existing in well-lit spaces.  It’s critical that integrators have access to the best illumination possible for quick and efficient installation and servicing.  The Rackmount LED Work Light is an integrator-focused rack lighting option offering unparalleled visibility. Designed with flexible mounting and positioning capabilities, this full-rack lighting solution ensures premium illumination where the integrator needs it. 
Rackmount lighting features pop-out LED light fixture to illuminate the front surface of a rack installation.  Compact one-space products save rackspace Choice of black powder coat or black brushed and anodized finish
Magnetic work lights are ideal for installation and maintenance tasks. Powerful magnets keep lights in place and attach to any steel rack surface WL-60 improved with cool, efficient LED bulb and long cord LED version will surprise you with high light output
Perforated steel lacer strip mounts vertically to rackrail brackets and provides many locations to secure vertical cabling. 3-1/4” width for high capacity Includes slip-on posts for fast pre-wrapped cable bundle installation Also includes cage nut holes and round holes for versatility Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in packs of 6 pieces
Perforated steel lacer strip mounts vertically to rackrail brackets and provides many locations to secure vertical cabling. 4-3/4” width for high capacity Includes slip-on posts for fast pre-wrapped cable bundle installation Also includes cage nut holes and round holes for versatility Accepts ASP-OWP anti-slip cable pads  Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in packs of 6 pieces
Perforated steel lacer strip mounts vertically to rackrail brackets and provides many locations to secure vertical cabling. 2” width  Has round holes in three sizes for versatility Steel construction with black powder coat finish Sold in packs of 6 pieces
Plastic cable ducts provide a cost-effective solution for protecting, routing, and organizing data cables, patch cords, and power cords.  Available in range of widths and heights to match all 2 and 4 post racks Slotted plastic finger design for cable access exactly where needed Plastic covers are included
These spools are designed to protect system performance by maintaining the bend radius of fiber and other high-speed cables within a rack or at a patching/distribution location.  Works well for all current types of fiber or copper cabling Available in several sizes and mounting styles Durable black resin construction
These shelves are designed to hold most popular media players and related accessories for easy connection to rackmounted systems. SH-DMP ships ready-to-use and holds one or more user-supplied docks  RSH series shelves are custom-cut to mount player docks
This unique product series from Middle Atlantic uses a pair of our custom-designed blowers to move 100 CFM of cooling air quietly in only one rackspace! Intelligent proportional speed control, and high static pressure to maintain airflow even through crowded rackspace. Compact one-space unit saves rackspace Choice of black powder coat or black brushed and anodized finish
These fan panel assemblies provide quiet cooling for demanding environments.  Occupies 3 rackspaces Comes complete with fan(s) and grille(s) installed Choice of black powder coat or black brushed and anodized finish
Middle Atlantic offers this unique set of products called Quiet-Cool Series™, which was designed to provide effective thermal management for several specific installation environments. Every product in this series employs smart thermostatic control to save energy and reduce unnecessary noise. 
Several rackshelf types are only compatible with specific rack series. Examples include the SH Series 4 point mount shelves which were designed to fit in Slim 5, AXS, SRSR and WR equipment racks.  Steel construction with durable powder coat finish
The RSH Series has been supporting non-rackmount equipment for almost three decades. Through our loyal customers and Manufacturer’s Alliance Program we have built a database with over 11,000 meticulously measured components, the most comprehensive in the industry. RSH not only provides clean aesthetics on the front, it is also engineered to properly support the equipment behind the faceplate.
RSH Series Custom Rackshelves are the most comprehensive offering of solutions for professionally mounting and trimming non-rackmount components.  CEDIA™ Hall of Fame-honored, these innovative shelves provide secure installation of virtually any component in a standard 19” enclosure without modification. Each unit is quickly made to order and custom cut to provide a perfect opening for the face of the component that is being mounted.
These unique shelves use minimal shelf structure to provide the maximum open area around the supported component – ideal for high-heat components such as satellite and cable boxes. The OCAP series features adjustable rubber lined clamping bars on the top and bottom to secure components. The space-saving VRS rackmount shelf holds up to 6 satellite or cable boxes vertically and eliminates need for individual shelves. Perfect for installations with multiple video sources such as sports bars, gyms, and hotels. 
Sliding shelves allow for easy maintenance of your components right on the shelf, and access to connections and cabling from the front of the rack. Middle Atlantic offers several styles of sliding shelves, including low profile, standard and heavy-duty to meet project needs and budgets.  Adjustable mounting depths to fit in many rack models Steel construction with durable powder coat finish The low profile model has an attractive black laminate shelf surface
The most versatile heavy duty shelf available! Unlike standard adjustable shelves, the entire VSA Series shelf telescopes to reach rear rail. 4-point mounting delivers a high 400 lb. weight capacity Useable depth ranges from 16” to 44”   Fully vented bottoms with cable management tie points Steel construction with durable powder coat finish
Utility shelves are a workhorse of installation, able to hold a wide range of equipment needed in the rack. Some models are also available in Contractor packs to save space and reduce packaging waste. Choice of solid bottom and fully vented shelves  Choice of ready-to-use and ready-to-assemble models Choice of models that accept optional clamps, or have clamps included Some popular models are available in Contractor packs  All types are finished in a durable black powder coat
Vent blockers prevent the recirculation of hot air between top-mount fans and nearby vent openings. Vent blockers should be placed over the enclosure’s vents located on the upper front of the enclosure, upper sides, and upper rear door (depending on enclosure).  Kits include the properly sized blockers for the intended model Proper installation will help the cooling system operate as intended
Designed to organize and protect cabling between racks. Smooth, steel cable fingers are placed in rackspace increments for complete control of access locations. Organizes cable pathways while protecting bend radius  Choice of single and dual duct (front and rear channels) Includes locking steel doors Sturdy all-steel construction with black powder coat finish
This center-mount shelf was designed for use with 2-post racks, but can be used with other racks to provide support in front of the rackrails. Front and rear edges have cable management tie points built in. Supports up to 50 lbs. 18” deep Fully vented bottom aids equipment cooling Steel construction with durable powder coat finish
Wall mounting non-rackmount components is much easier with our WMS wall mount shelf. Furniture version features attractive wooden side panels with rounded outside corners for safety and is available in several standard colors. Vented bottoms help keep components cool Steel version is fully welded with unrivaled 200 lb. capacity Furniture version has wood sides and 100 lb. capacity Metal parts have durable powder coat finish
Wire grid lace mounts vertically to rackrail brackets and provides many locations to secure vertical cabling. 6” width maximizes capacity and flexibility Includes mounting hardware Steel construction with black powder coat finish
Some components are too wide to fit the 17-3/8” inside width of standard rackshelves. These shelf systems hold units up to 22-1/2” wide, and either bolt into millwork or to the mounting angle of standard rackrail.  NOTE: This rackshelf works with all Middle Atlantic Products enclosures except those that use ‘Z-Rail.’ Holds components up to 22-1/2” wide Fully vented bottom  Steel construction with durable powder coat finish