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Middle Atlantics Dc Power Distribution (200W & 300W)

Optimize any installation with the industry-leading power capacity of the fixed voltage, DC Power Distribution line. These solutions not only remove messy, space-consuming, unreliable wall warts and other power clutter from the design, but also provide maximum power to support a multitude of devices.  The 200W and 300W units provide high current capacity to an extensive number of outputs, maximizing the same voltage in a single unit or splitting between the most popular voltages.  The multi-mount design can be installed in an available 1RU space or at the back or side of the rack for zero-U mounting, providing ultimate installation flexibility.  Promoting enhanced design of system power demands, while still providing a seamless install experience, the 200W and 300W DC Power Distribution line is innovatively engineered for multiple applications spanning markets from North America to Europe.
Agency Approval Pending: These solutions are subject to FCC regulations and will comply with the appropriate rules before delivery.

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