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Christie URSA format-independent routing switcher for a multi-format world

Take almost any source format, convert it, and send it to any output display
The Christie URS is an all-in-one matrix switcher that accepts multiple sources in any format (analog composite to digital 4K) and seamlessly routes any of these sources to any of 8 user-configurable outputs, each of which can be independently configured for any analog or digital output format.  
The URS handles any input-output combination of computer and video formats with ease, including analog/digital, interlaced/progressive, and high/low resolution. With built-in integrated source monitoring and sophisticated keying, the URS accepts sources from analog composite to digital 4K and seamlessly routes them to any destination display. You won’t find any matrix switcher on the market today that can do what the URS does.
The URS performs all the processing to match the source to the output, including scaling, aspect ratio, color-space, and frame rate conversion repeats. Normally, these functions require additional equipment and complex, restrictive control systems, however with the URS the entire process is simplified, saving you time, money and resources.  

  • Universal input/output capabilities – mix and match multiple formats with one piece of equipment
  • Input capability – either 8 or 16 inputs (depending on model) that can be a mix of analog BNC and DVI signals
  • Output capability – 8 outputs that natively support any display from component analog 480i to digital 4K
  • Built-in conversion for analog/digital, interlaced/progressive, resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate – seamlessly route any source to any user-configurable output
  • Define properties for each output independent of each signal
  • Integrated source monitoring – real-time and full frame view of all sources connected to the URS (either 16 or 8 inputs) on a single output, tiled into a 4 x 4 array
  • Overlay (key) capability – up to four sources can be layered onto each output for a multitude of needs, including background/foreground transitions, PIP windows, bugs, lower-third titling, tickers, messaging, sign windows and more
  • Single point of control for all processing and signal distribution functions from front panel, PC via Ethernet, or external control system
  • Small form factor - (LxWxH): 21.9 x 17.3 x 7.0" (556 x 439 x 178 mm). Additionally, only one piece of equipment is required so the overall space required on a rack is reduced
  • Each output individually supports rotation; enabling the creation of vertically oriented displays
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface enables monitoring and control of the URS from any computer on the network
  • Built-in image capture/Still Store functionality
  • Auto set-up feature
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Simple cohesive control of all functions
  • Redundant hot swappable power supplies
  • Optional URS-IBSS High Speed Infiniband Still Store server
  • Optional stereoscopic support
  • The URS-0808 is expandable - can be modified to support 16 inputs

There are two models in the URS series:

  • Christie URS-0808 - 8 inputs, 8outputs
  • Christie URS-1608 - 16 inputs, 8 outputs


Input - Number
  • Christie URS-0808: 8 inputs total - 4 supporting composite, S-video, component analog, HDSDI, SDI, and 3G SDI (SMPTE 424M) and 4 supporting progressive DVI and progressive RGBHV
  • Christie URS-1608: 16 inputs total - 8 supporting composite, S-video, component analog, HDSDI, SDI, and 3G SDI (SMPTE 424M) and 8 supporting progressive DVI and progressive RGBHV
Input - Signals
  • Analog RGB composite, component DVI, single-link and dual-link (8 inputs are dual-link capable)
  • SDI, HD-SDI and 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M)
Input - Resolutions
  • Up to 2560 x 1600 (any resolution greater than 2048 x 1200 uses 2 input channels)
Output - Number
  • 8 @ (< 2048x1200) or 4 @(2560x1600) or combination
Output - Signals
  • Analog RGB, component DVI, single-link and dual-link (4 outputs are dual-link capable)
  • SDI, HD-SDI and 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M)
Output - Resolutions
  • Up to 2560 x 1600 (any resolution greater than 2048 x 1200 uses 2 output channels)
Pixel Clock
  • Analog up to 165MHz, DVI up to 265MHz
Scan Rates
  • Up to 120Hz dependant on pixel clock rate maximum
Control & Networking
  • RS232 In/Out
  • Ethernet (10/100)
Enhanced Feature Sets
  • Independent aspect ratio and frame rate setup, overlay's, transitions, aspect ratio conversions, integrated source monitoring, built-in image capture, output rotation (portrait), optional stereoscopic support
  • Standard: User Manual (CD_ROM and quick manual), 2 AC power cords, URS control software, rack hardware
Power Requirements
  • Operating Voltage: 100 VAC to 240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
  • Max Current: 9.0 A @100VAC
  • Max Power: 900 W
  • Dissipation:
  • Size:4RU
  • Dimensions:(L x W x H): 21.9 x 17.3 x 7.0" (556 x 439 x 178 mm)
  • Shipping Dimensions:(LxWxH) 32.3 x 25.5 x 15.0" (820 x 648 x 381mm)
  • Volume: 2652 cubic in
  • Weight: 59 lb (27 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 70.5 lb (32 kg)
Operating Environment
  • Temp: 5 to 35° C (40 to 95° F)
  • Humidity: 20 - 80% non-condensing
  • This product conforms to the following regulations related to product safety, environmental requirements and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):
  • UL/CSA/IEC 60950 (3rd Edition)
  • FCC Class A, CE, CCC
  • RoHS, WEE
Limited Warranty
  • 1 year parts and labor
  • Contact an authorized Christie representative for full details of our limited warranty

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.


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