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Pandoras Box

Christie Compact Player — Flexible playback unit
The Christie® Pandoras Box Compact Player is an extremely versatile hardware-based media player that is small in size but great in performance, reliability and power. The Compact Player’s Playlist feature makes it easy to play multiple media files in a row without the need of programming separate containers on a timeline sequence. An unlimited number of Compact Players can be centrally controlled and synchronized via network, using the Pandoras Box Manager Software.
Christie Manager — Real-time show control
The Christie® Pandoras Box Manager redefines real-time editing and playback control. This software allows synchronization and remote control of all Pandoras Box media playback products via network. The built-in sequences with its cue and key-frame based timeline interface enables you to control Pandoras Box Servers, Players as well as interfacing with all kinds of external controllers via TCP/IP, Serial RS-232/422, SMPTE, DMX, Art-Net, analog and digital industrial sensors.
Christie Player — Scalable hardware playback systems
​The Christie® Pandoras Box Player combines the versatility of the software-only solution with a hardware option featuring multiple outputs and graphics power. The Pandoras Box Player is a cost-effective solution perfectly suited for permanent installations and high definition multimedia displays. With 8 video-layers, 8 FX per layer and unlimited graphic-layers, it is quick and easy to program and arrange content. The Aeon visual effects engine and 4K playback turn the Pandoras Box Player into a powerful tool for creative projection, design and installation projects.
Christie Server — Real-time media compositing
​Christie® Pandoras Box Server is the flagship of the Pandoras Box suite of products. It combines the full feature software set with the flexibility and reliability of a powerful hardware platform designed for maximum creative results. It is a turnkey solution that unites state-of-the-art rendering technology with intuitive media and show control. A high-quality server featuring the most powerful and versatile render-engine offers real-time compositing in 3D and allows for projection onto any shape and any surface. Features
Christie Software Player — Software only solutions
The Christie® Pandoras Box Software Player offers an ideal, cost-effective software solution for professionals with multi-media requirements such as digital signage applications, corporate meetings and various architectural and artistic installations with limited budgets. A minimum of 4 video-layers and unlimited graphic-layers are available to be programmed and arranged quickly and easily. Aeon easy-to-use dynamic effects as well as 4K playback turn the Software Player into a powerful tool for creative projection and design.
Christie Widget Designer — Interactive application builder
The Christie® Widget Designer is an advanced control surface creation framework that lets you create dedicated user interfaces and interaction logic by connecting visual control components. A rich feature-set for visual node based programming is available to create customized show-control scenarios. Adding simple scripting makes programming more efficient and powerful. With its intuitive interface, even non-programming specialists are able to create truly immersive interactive experiences.