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Chief WBAEWhiteboard Mount Extender Kit

Use this extender accessory in addiition to the WBM2 whiteboard mount  for interactive boards that need to be lower to the floor for younger audiences. 


  • Attaches to WBM2 uprights
  • Adds 13" of downward shift to WBM2
  • Allows board to get within 20" of floor for average height dry erase/chalk boards
  • Allows for anchoring to wall below existing dry erase/chalk boards
  • Weight capacity 125 lbs


Certifications: UL Listed
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 15.84" X 1.49" X 5" (402.4 X 37.8 X 5 mm)
Shipping Weight: 3.70
Weight Capacity: 125 lbs (56.7 kg)

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