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Chief OFB215SKontour™ K1C & K2C Mounting Interface for Steelcase® FrameOne™ System

The OFB215S Interface provides for easy integration of any Kontour™ K1C or K2C monitor arm product with the Steelcase® FrameOne™ furniture system.

Steelcase® and FrameOne™ are trademarks of Steelcase Inc.


    • K1C100
    • K1C200
    • K1C250
    • K2C100
    • K2C200


Color: Silver
Manual Height Adjustment: 7.0" (177 mm)
Mounting Pattern Compatibility (Universal Versions): 75 x 75mm ,100 x 100mm VESA
Orientation: Landscape, Portrait
Shipping Weight: 1.95

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